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Stretching as far back as 1992, two high school students befriended each other in a common interest of music. Many years would pass as they went their seperate ways after high school, but their love of music kept them in contact with one another, getting together on rare occasions to talk about music and what they had been doing in their life. Matt (aka Sand Box) would go off to college while working at a marketing firm doing design work. Tom (Crack Head, aka DigiP) would skip college to work full time in the auto industry and eventually ended up working for one of the largest banks in New Jersey, as a mainframe computer operator.

In 1998, the two began working towards recording their music for others to listen to. The industrial rock band they named as Twisted Pair began to take shape. It was a project that gave them much satisfaction, with their insanely large hunger for music of all shapes, sizes and color - their defining sound was about to be born. Inspired by dark industrial overtones and post modern tinges, Twisted Pair embarked on an ambitious effort to create a sound based in a touch of melody, heavy laden beats and grinding guitars, with industrial backing soundscapes. This lead way to the creation of Twisted Pair Records, and this website.

With the release of their 2nd record 'Old and the New...It's Inside You', they started this web site in order to host all and any info on their band Twisted Pair, along with information on existing collaborations and projects related to Twisted Pair and Twisted Pair Records. Since its inception it has taken on many forms, ranging from info about other independent bands, with album reviews and a radio page featuring all independent music, it contained info on upcoming shows and news related to the band Twisted Pair and their friends.

Twisted Pair Records has since slowed down to an almost grinding halt. Due to the ever expanding world of music and life in general, this site is now more or less for informational purposes only, and to document some of the music by Twisted Pair, which is freely downloadable on this site. It will forever be a way for fans to contact Twisted Pair and find info on any future endeavors, along with the personal pages for each of it's members of Twisted Pair. Feel free to download any of the songs from this site and share them with your friends! (You can also purchase our album with songs not available on our site directly by going to CdBaby.com)

Thanks to all our friends and fans.
Much love and respect,
Twisted Pair.

You can reach Matthew on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6JJfhUV-j_IZsfYo_Z7Uvg

You can reach Tom on Twitter: @xxdigipxx

Twisted Pair Music - Jukebox, Links and Downloads

Music from the NJ band Twisted Pair, circa 1998-2002.


Twisted Pair MP3 Downloads

- Live Rehearsals -
Recorded August 8th, 2002 - Full Length Downloads
Ministry Of truth
Menace on The Blue
- Full Length Downloads -
Shiitake Attack
Penis in a Glass Jar (Exclusive Pink Floyd Mix)
Brain Fucked
Picking Scabs I, II, III

- Demos -
Fiddle Sticks

TWISTED PAIR: Old And The New...It's Inside You
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Solo Music of Crack Head
(aka DigiP)

Children At Play

Songs for the future recording of "Green Eyed Monster" by Crack Head
It Pays To Play
The Insanity
Fight Hard
Deviant Mantra
Go Softly

Songs from the un-released albumn "Gemini Tiger Red" by Crack Head
Under Cover Cop
Kenny Does Dallas
You Are Going To Hell
Eleventh of September
Hard As Nails
Winding Down
My Whole Life
Don't tell Me
Misc. Songs.
Start Again Waltz
The Jazzy Bass Song
That 70's Acoustic Thingy
A piece from the upcoming film "Vengence"(Later Changed to 'Acrimony'), where I also worked on the soundtrack to the original filming. This film is being re-shot entirely with a whole new cast and re-written script, and I may have a chance to work on the new film as well.
The Fitting End
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Basic Explanations for some of these songs: [Can be found here]

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